IWPA India

Gunjan Bansal, President

Gunjan Bansal is considered a trendsetter and can be best described as a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail. Driven by the passion for weddings she nurtured a dream of being a part of the wedding industry. A dream that came true with L'amore Weddings in 2011 in The United States of America. Built to deliver elegance, flair and commitment she embarked on this journey of establishing L'amore which grew to be nominated and awarded the "Most Promising Wedding Planner" by Ravishing Magazine in 2013.

Well known as one of the best international wedding planning companies in the business today, she is given to attaining high standards of success and maintaining a reputation par excellence of her own trade name. Gunjan attributes the success of L'amore Weddings to smart work, great service, sheer intuitiveness and profound knowledge of the choicest wedding destinations. She envisions to provide fabulous, affordable bespoke weddings across exotic destinations.

Her dedication to making each and every wedding surpass client expectations inspires the best and most trusted professionals in the industry whom she works in tandem with. As CEO of L'amore, Gunjan brings effective leadership, detailed planning, mature judgement, good communication skills, focus on quality, problem solving capabilities, highly customer centric approach coupled with the ability to manage any project through its complete life cycle.... And all this with a belief that your wedding is all about YOU - wonderfully easy, totally uncomplicated and captures the essence of your relationship!

A pioneer in her field, Gunjan Bansal thrives on constantly reinventing the wheel of bespoke wedding planning..... and all this just for YOU!