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Street Wedding Photography

'Hello from Matteo, Marco and Francesca-team SWP Photography. SWP was founded after years of experience, study, and passion. We have compared ourselves to the rest to find something always more to offer. For us, it is not just photography but a story blended with our vision. 

Truth, love, and humor are what you will see in our photographs. We break the rules to make new ones. Everything is uniquely you.

Movement, fun, creativity: SWP is all this and much more.

As Ansel Adams sais, "you are not taking a picture with your camera, you are putting in that photograph all the images you saw, the books you read, the music you listened and people you loved. So, there is something about us in each photo, there is our being an eternal child, always curious and ready to marvel for what happens around us.:

A photograph is not beautiful when it "shows" something, a photograph is beautiful when it "tells" something." 

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