How Big & Fat can an Indian Wedding be???


Most of the colleagues that I know dream to plan, or at least take part to a destination Indian Wedding. While (included me) we dream of this to happen, I asked my friend and colleague Gunjan Bansal of     L' Amore Weddings (Sec-30, Gurgaon, Delhi, India Ph +91-1140601417 / +91-9910486868  to share few details with us. 

Gunjan, recently, had the pleasure of planning a huge wedding in Samode. With two hundred guests, the celebration was huge, grand, and came with its own set of complexities. The groom belonged to a royal family and was not ready to accept a wedding lesser than that of princes and princesses. They booked two magnificent properties, namely, Samode palace and Samode Bagh.

These two venues exuded the charm of heritage palaces while ensuring that the guests enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay.

The wedding was held over the span of three days and was jam-packed with scrumptious food and amazing entertainment. In the traditional Big Fat Indian Wedding style, these three days encompassed several events, renowned artists from Mumbai. That was it for day two, and day three was the big day.

On the wedding day, the groom entered the venue on an elephant while the bride was carried in a Doli. The bride and the groom dreamt of feeling no less than Rajasthani royals on their big day ....

... and I stopped her asking "would they expect a grand entrance riding an elephant IN EUROPE!!!!"

Well they may ask, she said, as they did for a marvelous wedding hosted in Italy few years ago, and I do remember that the permission was denied because Elephants are considered wild animals in Europe. So the groom had to forget his grand entrance.

Anyway, Gunjan gave me tons of information on how to plan and correctly execute a perfect Big & Fat indian wedding, including how to deal and avoid negotiations with families who take decisions in name of the couple (the wedding is paid by the Bride's family), as well as aunties and grandmas wanting to have a word even if they are not contibuting financially.

All in all, if ever you get a request, as I hope for you, from Indian clients, ask one of our Indian wedding planners to give you a hand; everything will be easier and you will save big headaches. Cooperation is vital if you want to work with this market.

Indians living in Europe and US are definitelly less difficult to deal with of course as they incorporate the culture of the nation where they are living, but keep in mind that they will not negotiate on the traditional ceremonies needed in the wedding. Traditions matter a lot to them and failing one of this may be considered of bad luck. Again, the help of an indian colleague will make everything easier. 

If you are a destination wedding planner and want to learn more about how to plan and conduct an Indian wedding, learn more about the culture and the tradition on weddings, don't miss to take part at our online masterclass "Destination Weddings Unveiled" (date will be released soon)