OMG Wedding protocols 


After all 2020 weddings' postponements and with the wedding season to start, most of the couples who are looking at destination weddings are still unsure of rules and protocols that will apply, and even if the so "long dreamed wedding" will happen! Hiring a planner will save you the stress of day-long researches, but if you are a DIY couple, the info below can be useful, even if not really amazing, unfortunately. The general orientation of each and any country is to avoid the virus spread, and we know that weddings and celebrations are, unfortunately, an easy way to let it spread. 

We asked our international community to clarify a bit in order to give you a few info if you are to plan a covid stress-free destination wedding. This page will be updated time by time, as soon as regulations will change, so follow us!

Rob McKee - IWPA USA President writes about some of US States regulation

NEW YORK -Venues are restricted to 50% capacity, with no more than 150 attendees per event. All attendees must have proof of recent negative test result or proof of immunization prior to the event. Sign-in with contact information required to assist with potential contact tracing

Las Vegas has the same capacity requirements as NY with mask exceptions, Bride and Groom do not wear, no mask required for everybody outside, must have a mask of course for common areas like lavatories and the hotel and casinos.

HAWAII has easy laws when you are there, no restrictions but they get you before, you must pass a negative covid test at least 72 hrs prior to your inbound flight boarding time, if not, you will quarantine at your expense for 10 days in Hawaii.

Basak Tuysuz Bozdag - IWPA Turkey President confirms that due to the pandemic going on, the Government decided that all events such as weddings and personal celebrations are suspended until May 12, 2021.  More info and openings should be available before May 10, 2021 

Fenny Torres - IWPA Guatemala and Central America President - gives news from Guatemala where weddings are allowed with 25% of the capacity of the Venue.

In May it will change for 50% of the venue capacity. Masks are required unless people are eating. Social distance is still mandatory and the tables should host only 8 or 10 guests. Only 5 hours activity to finish by 9pm.

Gunjan Bansal - IWPA India President -   says that the situation with COVID in India is not going better and therefore weddings and social gatherings that normally reach very huge numbers, have been reduced to max 50 guests with social distance and masks wearing. The 3 days Big Fat Indian Wedding is sometimes reduced (not required by the law) to one day only to avoid the risks

Helen Falzon - IWPA Malta president - Helen says that till March it was possible to host reception for up to 100 guests inside and 300 outside but actually everything has been bannes. Wedding receptions will be permitted from 1st of June .But no idea for how many guests yes as the new protocol has not been released yet by the Authorities - More news will be announced soon.

Rui Mota Pinto - IWPA Portugal president - confirms that Portugal has a COVID's protocol that will be updated on May 3rd. Weddings, baptisms and familiar celebrations are allowed with 25% of the venue capacity, and with masks and social distance. After May 3th this will go for 50% of the venue capacity. Tables should be 2mts distance from each other and with max 6 people for a table unless that they are from the same family; in this case, people at a table can be 8.

Outside Events other than weddings or familiar celebrations are with a limit of 0,05 persons for a square meter, meaning 5 people for each 100 square meters.

Marcia Fasano - IWPA Brazil President - confirms that to date no wedding or social gathering is permitted in Brazil and no announcement has been made for a possible reopening

MAZI TRAVEL about  travelling to Greece

As of May 14th, travellers arriving in Greece are required to have a negative PCR certificate from a testing laboratory, for a Covid-19 test taken no later than 72 hours before arrival. This test is mandatory for all tourists (including children over the age of 5), regardless of the epidemiological situation in the country of departure. Proof of a negative test is not required however for all travellers that have completed their vaccination (i.e. 14 days have elapsed since the last vaccination, depending on the doses required) and hold a vaccination certificate. Acceptable vaccines are: Pfizer BioNtech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca/Oxford, Novavax, Johnson + Johnson/Janssen, Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya (Sputnik), Cansino Biologics, Sinopharm.- Proof of a negative test is not required if the traveller has recovered from COVID-19 in the past 9 months ( certificate of recovery issued by a public authority or a certified laboratory). Another option is a certificate of a positive PCR molecular test result, confirming that the holder recovered from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, performed at least 2 months before arrival, and no later than 9 months before arrival.- Every traveller who arrives in Greece, regardless of the certificate in their possession, may undergo a random health screening. If you are selected, please keep in mind that the screening is mandatory. In case of refusal, authorities reserve the right to refuse entry into the country. The selection is made through a targeted sampling system "EVA" used also in the summer of 2020.- Important clarification: Entry of tourists in Greece is not subject to vaccination. Presenting a vaccination certificate greatly facilitates the procedures upon arrival. The countries from which entry is allowed, under the aforementioned conditions, without the requirement for subsequent self-isolation are: EU & Schengen Area countries, USA, UK, Israel, Serbia, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, the Russian Federation, North Macedonia, Canada, Belarus, Bahrain, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.- Non EU citizens are strongly advised to choose direct flights to Greece. Passengers are allowed to enter the country through all international airports and the ports of Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu. Maritime connections with Albania and Turkey are temporarily restricted.

Cuca Gesualdo - IWPA Puerto Rico president - informs us that, basically, they are still applying last year's protocol that allows reception and social gathering using only  30 % of the capacity of the venue. Everyone needs to wear masks. 

Only 5 hours of activity is permitted and the event must end by 9 pm.

Anna Smirnova - IWPA Russia  president- says that Russia is actually one of the only countries without any type of restrictions, thanks to the big vaccination project. All type of events is permitted, with no pax limitation and masks are not required inside closed spaces.

Lyn Ong - Marina Travel - IWPA Iceland president - says that at the moment only weddings up to 30 people are permitted, with social distance and wearing masks. The updated protocol will be available after 5th May

Jonathan Jan Waterman, UK associate Toastmaster & planner, shares the information for England. To date, receptions are permitted for up to 15 guests, but only in outdoor settings that are already permitted to open or in structures that are partially enclosed, such as marquees, but at least 50% of the wall area must be open. Only sit-down meals, with no dancing other than the first dance. Guests should be seated in groups of 6 or two households. From 17th May, receptions are due to be allowed for up to 30 people indoors (or outdoors) in a Covid-secure venue and private gardens. More openings will be announced soon. 

Razu Faisal - IWPA Bangladesh President - confirms that only "intimate" weddings are actually permitted, so less than 70 guests that for the local culture is really a small gathering. Besides the low number to attend, masks are required always when the reception takes place in a closed venue and social distance is required

Suita Carrano - IWPA President, living in Italy - UPDATES from Italy are now available. As today we don't know when ceremonies will be allowed but the protocol has been designed and basically follows the guidelines that were in force in 2020:

  • list of guests with passport details
  • distance between tables 1mt outside / 2 mts inside (no info about max nr but should be 6)
  • Clients to wear a mask whenever inside the venue unless when seated; mask required outside if social distance is not applicable
  • the buffet is permitted BUT not help your self style 
  • no news about maximum nr of guests yet
  • the wonderful news: Dancing is allowed in open-air spaces - still distance required