The Italian Experience - IWPA Planners on tour - p2


Our FAM tour has been a combination of work, fun and business. When you put 6 people/planners in the same car, to share hours of driving and of course hotels, and some times hotel rooms, you never know what the result can be. I had the feeling, from the very beginning, that our tour could be only gloriuos,a nywsy. And I was completely right, and I was so right that on the way more planners decided to join our adventure.

A sort of Coast to Coast, from north to south of Italy, from Lake Garda to Amalfi Coast, traveling through 6 regions, but I will write more about in the next pages.

So... we wanted to make a multicultural experience. We are destination wedding planners and we  deal with people from any country. If this had been a Certification Course, this type of trip could have been the final test to check if you are confident with people from different cultures: you're sure you want to be a wedding planner?

Still talking about culture, one of the most amazing planner in our tour was Nahid from USA.  Well, she is not only from USA, she is from Dubai and from Lebanon, a great mix of cultures that makes her a great person. Nahid demonstrate anyone that you can be a planner, a woman, a wife, a mother, and be still a lovely person. Yes one need to give-and-take, but if you want to get to a certain level in your profession, you fight and you get the results. Nahid does!

Nahid is member of IWPA since few years and will be our next president for USA Chapter.

Forgot to write. If you need a personal shopper, she's the Lady. She can shop in museums also ;-) 

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