The Italian Experience - IWPA Planners on tour - p1


Have you wondered what a Chinese, an American, a Brazilian, an Indian, a Romanian and an Italian do in a car? and what do they do then if you add a Russian and a Swedish? Of course, they make up the strings of a wonderful adventure around Italy, looking for new destinations to offer to its customers. Who are we talking about?

Let me introduce them to you

David from Guangzou - destination wedding and photoshoot planner. He has deep culture about Italy and Roman History. He loves all what is Italian, from food (besides when he asks for fried rice) to movies and music. He cooks tea in the real Chinese way, like a ritual and thanks to his patience we have been drinking Chinese tea every night. 

This poor guy has been in charge, with Sameer, to make our luggage fit in the car every singe day. We met 6 or 7 years ago and we started a cooeration in order to promote destination weddings in Italy and other western countries. Step by step, stone by stone, we are building our success.

David, whose Chinese name is Jinjuan Lin, is the President of South China IWPA Chapter.