A wedding in the land of Etruscan


There is an enchanting region between Rome and Florence, which is well known as the Land of the Etruscans, especially driving North from Rome, in direction of Viterbo, the "Popes Town", you'll arrive in Tuscia.

Tuscia is the northern part of Lazio, a territory that bounds with Tuscany, a land of woods, volcanic lakes, small villages with Castles and Medieval Fortresses, a territory still whole in its traditions, proud of its agriculture and above all still grounded with its glorious history, with its past full of Princes, Knights, Bandits, Saints and Popes. Every little village is a treasure of Culture, Art, but also of ancient Tastes and Flavors, suggestive atmospheres, uncontaminated environments preserved for centuries from any contamination.

Well, it is here that I would like to bring you! Back to the past, gorgeous nature, olive trees fields, vineyards scrolling down from the hills! Here, in Tuscia, your dream wedding will be unique

Let's start our journey with two medieval villages, in northern Tuscia, Graffignano

The medieval Castle of Graffignano ( Built in a.d.1173 ), could be the perfect place for your civil ceremony. Entering through its wonderful door and bridge you may feel like Geneva at King Arthur's Court....you may imagine knights and ladies are your guests and from the towers, the sound of trumpeters and drummers will announce the Ceremony.

A medieval banquet can be in the Piazza of the Castle, involving the old village, and will be the perfect setting for your wedding reception. 

Moving to Sipicciano, another village, not far from the Castle of Graffignano, you'll be in a different world, Villa Lais, built in the early 1700s, was commissioned and built by Bernardino Fabrucci, Villa Lais in Sipicciano is one of the excellence of Alta Tuscia.

Villa and village outline an independent unique experience delivering in these times a different relationship between man and nature bringing us back a time when harmony, with all what surrounds us, represented the only chance of survival.

Villa Lais is the perfect location for your wedding!

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